Life After Death - heaven and hell

Who Is Jesus?

Good man?   Myth?   Teacher?   Prophet?   Fraud?   Almighty God?

Jesus Revealed


Does it really matter?

If Jesus claims about himself are true, it will matter for eternity -  Your eternity.  It will matter because he claimed to be (and this site believes he is) Almighty God. 

If that is true and his other statements and promises are true, it means that one day he will return to judge every person who ever lived.  His judgment will be final and the consequences of being judged guilty and not being a good person in God's sight, will be eternal damnation in hell with no hope a second chance at heaven.  No hope of ever getting out!!!   No hope after death!  Only despair and agony, forever as the just penalty for sinning against God, who alone is Holy.

If Jesus is Lord of Lords and rules over heaven and earth, then you should be absolutely sure that when you meet him, it will be all good.