Life After Death - heaven and hell

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Thank you for taking the time to browse Life After Death.  Our hope and prayer is that this site has helped to show (1) how important it is to take the time to consider what happens when you die and (2) the reality that when you die, your beliefs about what happens next will finally be put to the test. 

May God through his Holy Spirit, give you understanding of what his Word says about these eternal matters.  We pray that you will leave this site knowing that God is Holy and because of this, he is both merciful and just. 

In his justice he has declared that all who break his moral law will be punished in eternal hell.  In his great mercy, he has provided a way (the death of Jesus - God in the flesh - as payment for our sin) by which you may be saved from the just consequences of sinning againsnt God, who alone is holy.

If you haven't done so, please do the Life After Death "Good Persosn" Test and see if you are good enough to go to heaven.  Find out what you can do if you are not.